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How to report Scope 3 emissions efficiently

Businesses can spend months deciding how to start reporting their emissions. The path to success is not obvious at first. In the first reporting attempt, lots of effort is invested in low-value work which should be avoided: creating bespoke spreadsheets, … Read More

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Is COVID-19 improving air quality?

Some pollution decreased, but other pollutants actually rose. The most common components of air pollution are ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulpur dioxide, and particulate matter (literally, anything microscopic in the air, like dust and bacteria). DEFRA maintains 150 air quality sensor … Read More

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How to choose the greenest cloud

The internet is one of the fastest growing users of energy on Earth. It’s quite hard to estimate its size, but some place it at around 3-5% of the entire world’s energy use. This would be more than the entire … Read More

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Does ecommerce take cars off the road?

The least surprising result of COVID-19 was growth in ecommerce sales. Households stuck in lockdown brought a huge jump in online sales. It’s been a discussion point for environmentalists whether ecommerce is better for the planet. The central argument is … Read More

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