Who we are

econscia is a funded, London-based technology company. We develop econscia cloud, the fastest platform for carbon management. Sustainability teams are stuck chasing data and making spreadsheets, but it shouldn’t be this way. We build on powerful, automated reporting tools, so that you can spend time on solutions. We’re a mix of backgrounds, from sustainability platforms, Cambridge AI PhDs, to enterprise SaaS sales and startup exits of £100m+.

Ed Maclean

Co-founder, CEO

Feroze Rub

Co-founder, CTO

Parvathi Subbiah

Co-founder, Principal Data Scientist

We think a lot about ways of working, and always look to better ourselves through different tools and techniques. We’re always excited to learn new practices and culture from other people and teams.


  • Deep work
    Finding ways to achieve strong focus and pace in mind

  • Feedback
    Specific and actionable feedback on a regular cadence from all team members

  • Continuous improvement
    Challenging our own workflows, automating as much as possible

  • Decide fast
    Timeboxing decisions, deciding fast, learning as quickly as we can, and accepting failure

  • Flexible
    Team members choose how, where and when they contribute

Whilst we are still a small company, values are important to us – especially as we look to grow.


  • Growth
    We work to achieve more tomorrow than we can today – in our tools, work, mindset and outcomes. We raise the bar and remove comfort. We try to see opportunities, not limitations, and aim for better as individuals and teams.

  • Health
    A healthy body is a healthy mind. We aren’t religious, but we try to promote the right habits, and make time for balance and wellbeing amongst work.

  • Egoless
    We avoid bullshit and aim to satisfy the needs of customers, and not our own. 

  • Honesty
    We try to be honest, and then we move on. The path to quality and improvement lies in honesty to yourself and others around you.

  • Velocity
    Speed wins when all else is equal, but pace is about consistency and well-calibrated direction. Decisions are reversible and trying but failing should be celebrated. 

  • Augmentation
    We believe the purpose of the team is to create a safe, high-trust environment to maximise individual performance. This touches all our work – including our behaviours, tools, communication, culture, support and motivation. We work to compound each other’s efforts, and we’re responsible to find the best in ourselves and others. We build discipline and routine, as the foundation for strong execution.