Time is precious.

Work on your business’ environmental footprint, not data collection.

econscia cloud is an automated solution for sustainability reporting.

Spend time on actions, not spreadsheets

econscia cloud collects and reports your environmental data, using integrations.

Report with confidence

Report carbon emissions, water and waste to international standards.

Analyse and reduce impact

Tackle your full impact, from suppliers to customer usage, to Scope 3.

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Powerful data extraction

Companies should spend time on actions, not collecting data. Gather data with econscia’ connectors, so teams can focus on adding value.

Compute with confidence

econscia reports your organisations’ footprint to major international standards, from suppliers to product usage.
International Standards

Make actions, not calculations

Calculate CO2 emissions faster with supplier data, ERP integrations and industry-specific datasets.

Act on your footprint now

Take actions and create opportunities for your business.