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Move faster on your carbon emissions with econscia cloud

Stop chasing your data

Running a data collection process does not reduce your emissions

Make your data work for you.

Analysing files and building spreadsheets is low value for you and your business

Build a culture of sustainability

Carbon data shouldn’t be stuck in silos, or complex language. Help your whole organisation to make progress

Collect data on autopilot

Automate your basic tasks and focus on what matters. Collect, validate and request data from colleagues and staff on autopilot.

Upload any files or data, from anywhere

Use econscia cloud AI to easily clean & map raw data into a single source of truth: from your ERP system, invoices, metering & more.

Detailed insights for your net-zero strategy

Drill down into every aspect of your business to execute your carbon strategy, including suppliers, locations & materials.

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Sustainability Resources

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  • Mark Carney’s TCFD represents another step towards standardizing climate transparency in markets, but most companies continue to miss the nuance of what stakeholders are really looking for. Although the number of UK companies disclosing with TCFD quadrupled between 2017 and 2020, only 35% of companies......

  • The air we breathe in the UK could be cleaner. The WHO thinks the UK has the 59th most polluted air in the world – but this still leads to around 40,000 premature deaths every year. As COVID-19 hits transport, work and business across the world, it would be......

  • Businesses can spend months deciding how to start reporting their emissions. The path to success is not obvious at first. In the first reporting attempt, lots of effort is invested in low-value work which should be avoided: creating bespoke spreadsheets, poor project management and irrelevant......

The race to carbon neutral is on.

Work on your emissions, not data collection.